Kip McGrath was an Australian school teacher who first set up tutoring centres in Australia 30 years ago. The Centres offer tuition in mathematics, spelling, reading, and English to students from five to 15 years old, and many centers, like Suva North and Nadi, offer tutoring in other subjects to senior students also.

Individual student development is the critical objective and each tutor has no more than five students in one 60-minute session. During the 60-minutes, students have a variety of activities using worksheets, audiotapes, and computer programmes. The Kip McGrath method stresses very systematic learning and the study materials have been proven and developed over many years. Lessons are fun and interesting.


These KMEC basic skills programmes have proved so successful that there are now hundreds of Centres throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, Africa, the South Pacific, and the United Kingdom.      


All tutors are well qualified, registered teachers of extensive and succesful experience. They are trained to comply with the KMEC principles and systems that have proved highly successful in many parts of the world.


Each student has an individual learning programme which is planned following an initial assessment of the student's needs. Each tutor has no more than five students to care for at any sixty minute session which  ensures great individual tutoring while the students are busy with computer-based and 'book-based' activities.


Parents are encouraged to collaborate in their children's learning and are informed of the measured progress of their children following quarterly reassessments.


Tutorial sessions are held from 3:30pm to 4:30pm Monday through Friday  during school terms. Classes are held on weekday mornings during school holidays.


Tuition fees as at 1 April 2012: $20.00 per session normally with twelve sessions paid for in advance. Reductions are made for enrolment of a student in more than one session per week in one 'subject, and for the enrolment of more than one child of a family.



For more information and to book an assessment click on info@ches.ac.fj for Suva North Centre

or kmec-nadi@ches.ac.fj for our Nadi Kip McGrath Education Centre,