The College for Higher Education Studies (CHES) was founded in 1994 as a private college owned and managed by Ateca and Ivan Williams. Its purpose is to provide information, advice and opportunity to anyone wanting to study. It has unique answers to many human resource development problems.


CHES is registered by the Fiji Ministry of Education: Registration No: 9760


CHES has two administrative Centres in Fiji. Both offer the same range of services.

 CHES has five main units:                                       

  1. a Distance Education Centre  facilitating diploma and degree study opportunities for people anywhere in Fiji;

  2. an Overseas Study Centre providing information and assistance to those who wish to study overseas; 

  3. a CHES Tuts Centre offering tutoring for school age students; 

  4. a Language Centre providing English language classes for those wishing to learn English or to improve their English language competence, and 

  5. an Examinations Centre managing the examinations of many overseas institutions.


CHES also has two full-time schools, one in Suva and the other in Nadi. Both specialise in teaching students experiencing a variety of learning difficulties such as dyslexia. For more information about CHES contact us at info@ches.ac.fj